MONO TOWNSHIP -- A Mono couple is hoping to find, and thank, a man who they say jumped into action to save their horses after a fire ripped through their barn.

Dave Aitchison and his wife, Julie Huppé, had no idea their barn was about to go up in flames with 19 horses inside until a passerby raced up to their house to alert them that smoke was pouring from the structure.

The couple, along with two of their children, ran to the stalls to try and save the animals.

"The windows on the right-hand side of the barn were starting to pop, and we still had horses in those stalls," recalls Huppé.

Aitchison says the stranger stayed to help lead the horses out, saying he even grabbed a hose to battle back the blaze before fire crews arrived.

"I remember coming down the barn alley with a horse, and I could see him, he had the door perched with the hose stuck out trying to fight this fire, and all I could see was flames," Aitchison describes.

Incredibly, all of the horses survived, thanks to the heroic efforts of a mystery man.

Aitchison believes the fire may have started with a tractor, but the official cause isn't known yet.

Meanwhile, the pair is just hoping to be able to thank the Good Samaritan who helped to save their animals.

"I don't know if he realizes how much he did for us. He was leading horses, and I don't even know if he knows anything about leading horses."