BARRIE -- With just one month left to go for summer 2020, it's a huge weekend for local businesses and tourist operators in Muskoka.

It's the first long weekend in Stage three and conditions on both the water and on shore are ideal with many getting an early start at the Muskoka Wharf.

Tomorrow, the Wenonah 2 will hit the open waters for the first time this season and it's already sold out.

"There's going to be distancing on board, a limited capacity on board," says John Doe.

The Wenonah 2 will sail solo this summer because of COVID-19, while the R.M.S. Segwun will stay docked.

"Normally when on board Whenonah we can hold 216 people plus crew. Starting tomorrow we're going to start with 50 people 59 customers plus crew and we're going to see how that goes."

Everyone out and about is aware of the tight restrictions still in place. Stage three may give new freedoms but people say they are taking it all very seriously while here on vacation.

Anyone who may want to visit a tourist destination is encouraged to call ahead just in case you are required to make a reservation.