BARRIE, ONT. -- CTV's KC Colby grows out his moustache each year in November as part of the Movember campaign to raise awareness and funding for men's health.

"It's personal for me. I've had a lot of friends that are living with prostate cancer and surviving cancer, but it's for mental health as well," Colby said.

The weather specialist smashed his $500 fundraising goal this year, having raised $1,270 by Tuesday afternoon, and said he hopes it makes an impact.

"These are issues that men have to talk about, and it's okay to talk about," Colby said. "And if it takes a goofy little moustache to get things going, so be it."

The Movember movement focuses on prostate and testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

A large part of the initiative is to prompt conversation.

"There's been a stigma around boys and men for so long to not open up about what's going on in their life because they'll look less manly or weak, and frankly, we're trying to change that stigma because it's killing boys and men too young," said Sam Wilson, Movember Canada.

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