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Motorist clocked speeding 78km/h in school zone with police out in full force

As most students enter the second week of school, York Regional Police (YRP) were out in full force in King Township Tuesday morning as part of the annual Operation A.B.C. - Always Be Careful - to ensure drivers and pedestrians obey the rules of the roads in school zones.

"I think just our presence here in the rain, rain or shine, York Regional Police is out there to make sure kids get to school safely. So, we're here during the busy hours of the drop-off and pick-up. The focus is to give warnings, but we are also issuing tickets to those that are at speeds that aren't reasonable within a school zone," said YRP Const. Todd Snooks.

Police stopped several drivers for speeding while in a 40 km/h zone and said that depending on the speed, drivers could face steep penalties.

York Regional Police officer speaks to a driver nabbed by radar speeding in a community safety zone in King Township, Ont., on Tues., Sept. 12, 2023. (CTV News/Molly Frommer)

"We want the drivers to be cognitive of the fact that 78, which is our highest one already this morning in a 40, is two miles an hour short of being stunt driving. The fine is automatic at the roadside. You lose your licence for 30 days, and you lose your vehicle itself for 14," said Snooks.

Community partners were also in attendance throughout the morning. Officials with York Region say it's crucial that students arrive at school safely, and offered some reminders to students during Monday's event.

"We are reminding students to cross at the crosswalk, always push the pedestrian button, (and) make eye contact with drivers because that way they're seen by drivers," said Michelle McLean, York Region communications and community engagement specialist.

The A.B.C. initiative was created back in 2006, and police say it's a vital pillar within the community.

The campaign began on Sept. 5 and will run until Sept. 29. Top Stories

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