Hundreds of young adults are embarking on a new journey, after more than 240 students walked across the stage at Lakehead University Orillia Campus Convocation on Saturday afternoon.

Among those graduating was Rebecca Hall, who earned a degree in arts and science. Her mother, Irma Hall, says she couldn't have been happier for her daughter.

"I'm very proud of her, she's done amazing," said Irma.

After four years of hard work, Irma says she knows what it took for her daughter to earn the degree; having been with her every step of the way, because she graduated with her.

"There were lots of times I didn't want to do my homework, and there were times I thought I was going to fail, and that's when my daughter was right there saying don't be ridiculous you got this," said Irma.

Nearly thirty years after she had completed high school, the 51-year-old stepped back into the classroom in the fall of 2016 to complete her undergraduate degree.

"She would always say oh I'm the oldest one and kinda be down about that," said Rebecca.

"She was always the one getting the highest marks in the class, so I'm really proud of her,"

Irma graduated with a degree in social work. Along with her daughter, they say they couldn't have done it without each other.

Despite being enrolled in separate programs, the two found each other having multiple classes together, all along keeping their mother, daughter relationship a secret.

"We wanted to make our own way," said Irma.

"My friends would be like, you carpool with her. I was like yea I do," said Rebecca, "We live really close"

A graduation surprise that their friends say they will laugh about for years to come.

"I just really think they're really smart and sneaky," said Irma's friend Nicolette Hawko.