Cottage Traffic App

CTV News Traffic App


1. Get the App

Click the icon below to download the app to your smartphone. You can also search CTV Barrie Cottage Traffic Alert in your favourite app store.

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2. Begin recording your route

3. Listen for alerts

Even while you’re recording your first trip, the system will advise you of any traffic troubles up to 20 kilometres ahead, with voice and visual alerts.

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Cottage Traffic App users work together

The application will passively and anonymously send your location periodically to our server. Depending on the speed that you are driving on the road, we will know if you are driving ‘smoothly’ with no traffic, or if you are in a congested area. This information will then be used for other users behind you – advising them of the traffic conditions ahead.


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Call in your traffic updates

You can also participate actively by reporting a traffic
tip.  Just press the “Call to Report” button on your iPhone or Android phone, or the space bar in the map view on your BlackBerry. You will then be connected to our traffic centre where you can provide us with real-time updates on the road conditions. This way, all of our users will not only know the traffic may be slow ahead, but will also find out why.

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