ORO-MEDONTE, ONT. -- The irrigation systems are running full blast in the Holland Marsh as farmers grapple with dry conditions.

Avia Eek grows carrots and onions on 85 acres of land. She said the farm is ahead of last year's pace when it comes to seeding, but the lack of rain is a growing concern this year.

"Right now, the challenge we are faced with is it is dry; it's really, really dry," said Eek.

She said farmers tend to irrigate through the night to avoid heavy winds and evaporation from the sun. Although, she says farmers are now forced to irrigate during the day.

"You can see irrigation running now, and that just tells you just how important it is to get that water on the crops," said Eek.

Jim Partridge is a farmer with 1,400 acres in Oro Medonte, Ont., and he says he is also facing challenges with the recent dry spell.

"Nothing grows without water—it's as simple as that," said Partridge.

Partridge grows soybeans, corn and wheat and similar to many farmers, he doesn't have an irrigation system, so he depends on rain. He believes that local farmers are experiencing a moderate drought, and it could soon affect produce supply.

"It will certainly equate to a shortage of product which of course increases prices like supply and demand. That's what will happen if it doesn't rain soon," said Partridge.

Several local farmers told CTV news the crops being harvested right now are in pretty good shape considering the lack of rain. The corn, for example, at Partridges farm is almost up to his knees, which according to him, is usually a good sign for the season.