The Town of Innisfil is hiring new firefighters to accommodate for thousands of people who will be coming to the community.

The town has to prepare for all the people the all-season resort Friday Harbour will bring to the area.

A new permanent fire station is now being built at Big Bay Point Road and the 25th Line. Another temporary station is also going up.

“They're putting the driveway in right now. There’ll be a trailer parked over here and there'll be a hut that'll house the two fire trucks,” says Innisfil fire chief John Pegg.

The town has also fast-tracked a plan to hire eight permanent positions this year and four more next year.

“It'll also be manned by volunteer firefighters too,” says Innisfil Mayor Gord Wauchope.

The cost for the temporary station is $400,000. Friday Harbour is paying for half of it and provided the land.

“I think it's a great win, win situation for the Town of Innisfil to have Friday Harbour partner with us and get this station up and going,” says Wauchope.

The fire chief says there is also a benefit for the people already living in this area.

“It can take up to 20 minutes for firefighters to get here from that existing station. A speedier response won't be the only benefit,” Pegg says.

The temporary station is expected to be up and running by November. The permanent station down the street is expected to be finished by April 2018.