A woman who went to school in Orillia is facing new human trafficking charges after police say a second victim came forward.

At a news conference on Tuesday morning, Toronto Police revealed that 18-year-old Natasha Robitaille, Sage Finestone and Nicholas Faria now face a total of 42 human trafficking offences.

Police say the additional charges were laid on March 16 after a 16-year-old girl approached investigators claiming she was forced into prostitution by the accused. Police allege it was Robitaille WHO lured the victim into the sex trade on Jan. 15.

“She was picked up from outside of Toronto and driven to the downtown Toronto hotel,” said Insp. Joanna Beaven-Desjardins at the news conference. “The three accused had the 16-year-old girl provide sexual services over the course of two days.”

Investigators say the victim was forced to turn over all the money she received to the accused. The victim was able to escape, but police say the suspects threatened her through phone calls and messages.

“It’s further alleged that these three accused pray on vulnerable individuals, lure them away from their family and control their every move. They are lead to believe they are entering a world of glamour and riches, which in reality they enter a world of severe abuse.

The accused are charged with:

  • Trafficking in persons
  • Trafficking in persons under 18 years
  • Material Benefit - Trafficking
  • Material Benefit - Trafficking under 18 years
  • Material Benefit from Sexual Services
  • Material Benefit from Sexual Services under 18 years
  • Procuring or Exercising Control
  • Procuring or Exercising Control under 18 years
  • Advertising Sexual Services

Robitaille and the two Toronto men were previously charged for allegedly forcing a 14-year-old girl into prostitution. The trio were arrested after security at a Toronto hotel responded to a noise complaint and found the victim.

“The investigation has led us to believe that there may be future victims that may have a connection.”

All three of the accused were released Friday on bail.

Courtney Heels will have more on the investigation tonight at six.