One of the accused in a disturbing case of alleged child sexual assault was back in court today in Barrie. Shayne Lund is one of three young adults facing numerous charges related to alleged crimes last summer involving young children.  

Today the Crown Attorney said in court he intends to try Lund, Avery Taylor, and Kathryn Thompson together. The alleged crimes include sexual assault; making, possessing, and distributing child pornography; conspiring to administer a noxious substance; and even bestiality.

Lund’s family was in the courtroom today.

Lund's lawyer Eginhart Ehlers says trying the three accused together is a good thing, but says he still needs more information from the prosecutor.

“I have been told there will be additional charges laid, at this point I don't know when they are going to be laid,” he says.

 Lawyers for Taylor and Thompson, however, have concerns about rolling all three cases into one.

“It makes it much more complicated for me because there will be well over 100 charges and any case with the co-accused it's complicated you work with the other lawyers in some aspects,” says Taylor’s lawyer Mel Malick. “Some aspects you're against the other lawyers.”

Thompson’s lawyer Angela McLeod adds it could be frustrating situation.

“It's frustrating because I have to then explain to a young woman who is incarcerated I’m ready to go, I’m ready to move forward as your counsel, but your co-accused’s counsel may or may not be so you are going to have to languish in jail until they get all of their proverbial ducks in a row,” she says.

All three lawyers will meet with the judge and the Crown on Feb. 7 to decide how to proceed with the case.

Lund, Taylor and Thompson have been held in custody in Penetanguishene since the fall.  Lund's lawyer says his client is being moved to prison in Lindsay, but didn’t know why.  

Lund is not allowed to communicate with his father, who may end up being a witness. Thompson is not allowed to speak to her immediate family either.