Ski resorts across the region are taking advantage of the winter weather and snow making machines are now running around the clock.

“What we’re doing is building a base, we’re hoping it will last until the colder weather comes in a few weeks,” said John Ball at Snow Valley.

Temperatures below -3 C are perfect for snow making.

“We’re looking for a lot those lake effect storms to bring us great conditions,” said Ball.

Officials at Snow Valley and Horseshoe Resort say they are still weeks away from opening, but right now the focus is on getting the hills covered.

“We have 40 snow guns going and we’re making 140 gallons of water per minute,” said Val Coombs at Horseshoe Resort.

Staff at Blue Mountain is just as busy. The ski hills won’t open earlier than its record of November 25th, but with the winter weather giving crews a chance to better prepare for the season.

Most ski resorts are aiming to be open the first week of December.