There's a new multi-millionaire in our region; an Orillia man got a pleasant surprise when he checked his lotto max numbers from Friday's draw.  

John Mason says the whole idea of being Canada's newest multi-millionaire is just sinking in.

“Well it's just super,” he says of his first-time win. “It's hard to comprehend when you win that much.”

The 75-year-old retired electrician bought the winning Lotto Max ticket at the Laclie Pharmacy in Orillia. Word on the street travelled fast.

“I think that's awesome, I think we should go buy a lottery ticket,” one woman tells CTV News.

Sami Battalia was the one who checked Mason's ticket Saturday and says she's still in shock.

“The machine played this weird music that I've never heard before, and this sheet came out that said big winner, then the prize came out and it was huge, and I was shocked,” she says.

Mary Connor works at the pharmacy too, and says Mason's a regular.

“He comes in every day to buy a paper and his tickets, and we're really, really happy for him,” she says.

Mason's neighbour and buddy Ed says he has an idea what his friend can do with some of the money.

“Yeah give it to me,” he says with a laugh.

Mason says even though he has no wife or children he does have plenty of nieces and nephews.

“Take care of family and get a newer home on the water – something nice on the Trent canal system – maybe a new car and away you go,” he says.

And away he goes – on the bike he rides all around the neighbourhood. There’s a good chance he’ll buy a new one of those, too.