Christmas came early for Queensville’s James McNaughton, just three years into the sport of bobsleigh and he’s heading to the Olympics.

“I love to tell kids this is a dream come true and to always chase your dreams because I’m living proof if you work hard for something like the Olympics…you can realize your dream,” says McNaughton.

The 24-year-old is the powerhouse behind the four-man bobsleigh team under pilot Justin Kripps. Explosive starts over the weekend in Lake Placid helped seal the deal for Sochi.

“We were cooking on that second run. There’s this part of the track called the chicane and if you can get thru that pretty straight that means you’re flying.”

Together they’ve blown away all expectation this season but McNaughton says it was their tireless work off the ice that prepared them for the track.

“We basically threw away our summers. Kripps and I committed ourselves to training and eating right and just dedication and perseverance getting us where we wanted to be.”

And even though he spends most of his time away from home, James never forgets his roots.

“A friend of mine who runs Queensvile Sod is sponsoring our team so on the side of our sleigh we’re going to have Queensville on it which is cool.”

After he spends some time with family and friends over the holidays, McNaughton is off to Europe first in Germany then Switzerland before making the trek to Russia as a member of Team Canada