Some people dream of the chance to travel, others wish they could meet a celebrity or try an exciting job. Helen Moore of Barrie has a much different dream – she’s always wanted to hug a Bengal tiger.

"Probably when I was seven or eight years old was the first time I saw a tiger and I remember seeing a Bengal tiger at an exhibtion," said Moore, who is now 83 years old. "I just knew that someday I wanted to put my arms around their neck and hug them."

Moore’s lifelong dream was fulfilled thanks to the Make-a-Wish program at Roberta Place Retirement Lodge where she lives.On Tuesday afternoon, Moore was able to wrap her arms around a Bengal tiger cub at the Elmvale Jungle Zoo.

"It's just terrific, fantastic and you can't describe how it feels," said an excited and surprised Moore while she hugged the two week old cub name Cornelius. 

"It's an amazing feeling," said Michael Persi, who is the assistant manager at the Elmvale Jungle Zoo. "We're happy that we can help make someone's wish come true."

Roberta Place tries to grant wishes like this all the time for its residents, who can literally wish for anything they want.