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Collingwood author's new book aims to humanize homelessness

A Collingwood author's latest book sheds insight into the impact of the pandemic on those who are experiencing homelessness.

Leah den Bok has released the fourth volume of 'Nowhere to Call Home,' a book that shares stories of those facing homelessness across North America.

Den Bok has spent the past six years travelling with her father to cities around the world in an effort to share the personal stories of those who are out on the street.

Den Bok came up with the idea for the books because of her mother, who was homeless at just three years old.

"With these books, I am trying to humanize people experiencing homelessness and shine a spotlight on their plight," a statement reads on the author's website.

The book, available on Amazon, contains pictures and stories of individuals experiencing homelessness.

All of the proceeds go to homeless shelters. Den Bok has also donated a portion of the proceeds from her earlier work to the Salvation Army Bayside Mission in Barrie.

To find out more about Leah den Bok, visit her website. Top Stories


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