After an intense search for a missing Alcona man involving several police forces in our region, Craig Swayze was located safe.

Crews searched from the air and on the ground, deploying K9 units and ATV’s to bring the missing 65-year-old man home.

Swayze went for a walk around 4 p.m. on Wednesday in the Webster Blvd and 7th Line area in Alcona, but he didn’t return home.

“Oh it’s cold, especially overnight,” said town councillor Carolyn Payne. 

Nearly 21 hours after he went missing two construction workers found Swayze, alive, on the site off the 6th Line.

First responders rushed to help, pulling him from thick mud several hundred metres from the road.

“It does appear that he was stuck.  We had a difficult time getting out of the mud,” said Staff Sgt. Sheryl Sutton.  “The mud was almost up to our knees, so we had paramedics, the fire department, and some of the construction workers help us get him out of there.”

Police say it appears Swayze may have become disoriented during his walk before becoming stuck and spending the night in the open field.

“He just said he was cold, and that he was happy to see all of these people around him,” said Sutton.

The rescue also brought relief for community members who searched overnight. 

“I was praying last night as we were driving the streets, praying for the rescue teams that God would bring him home safe,” said Reverend Howard Courtney.  “A miracle is nice to see.”

Swayze was taken to hospital for observation but is expected to make a full recovery and return home.