Midland has had its own police force for more than a century, but the town is considering an alternative.

The town is set to hear from the OPP next month on how much it would cost to have them do policing in Midland.

“When someone says there is potentially $700,000 in saving we have to ask the question,” says Mayor Gord McKay.

McKay says $4.8 million or 27 per cent or the town’s operating budget is policing.

The OPP has been down this road before with small town forces. They're also putting together an estimate for Orangeville right now. The average cost of OPP service is $355 per household.

However, Midland's police chief has stated that a "per household" cost is oversimplifying it because his force also manages the local courthouse. 

He's been offering his opinions in an online discussion with residents, but would not make himself available on Tuesday for an interview.

“Local police with the local people is important and if it costs a few dollars extra, I think it's money worthwhile to spend,” says resident Dan Dwyer.

“You have to look at the bottom line and see where that goes and if it's worthwhile I guess you make the switch,” says resident Karl Wright.

The OPP will present their case at a public meeting on Feb. 8.

The town will have six months to decide which police force they want.