The Ontario SPCA Midland and District Animal Centre got a special delivery on Monday morning of 46 dogs and puppies rescued from Northern Ontario.

It's part of a rehoming mission called the Support the North campaign that works to give dogs forever homes. "It brings awareness, attention and action to the serious issue of dog overpopulation in the north," explains officials.

The Ontario SPCA suggests that some fly-in communities in Northern Ontario have more dogs than people who can adopt them. It also describes expensive living. A case of bottled water is $70 in isolated communities, and a small bag of dog food can cost $90.

The transfer program took the pups on the long journey from the Manitoba and Northern Ontario-areas to Midland.

This year alone, over 300 animals have been transported from the North to areas with a higher demand for adoptable pets.

The dogs will undergo the necessary medical care, including spaying/neutering, before being put up for adoption.

Volunteers with the program say the dogs are sweet and loving and just need a home.

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