The last 48 hours have been nothing short of epic throughout the Midland area, as Mother Nature dumped 55 to 70cm of snow.

Residents have been left digging out after the massive snowfall buried cars and wreaked havoc on the roads.

“We have been bombarded the last few days,” says one resident.

Despite the amount of white stuff they received, town crews did their best to keep the streets clear.

The town of Midland’s Randy Fee admits this past week has been particularly difficult.  “The challenges are definitely back to back storms like we experienced.  It’s hard to get clean up done, only to have to restart.”

Adding to everyone’s frustration was a gas shortage.  Several stations ran out of fuel because of the amount of snow.

“We just ran out of gas.  The trucks couldn’t get up here, so it was a couple days without gasoline.”

Town officials say the work is far from over, saying many sidewalks still need clearing.  They hope to have that task completed this weekend.