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Maple syrup producers surprised and delighted by early season

Maple syrup producers across the region are scrambling to tap their lines before Mother Nature freezes operations.

"In our 28 years of making maple syrup here, this is the earliest we've ever started," said Kent Breedon, Breedon's Maple Syrup in Alliston.

The mild February weather kicked off the season early for syrup producers by two to three weeks.

"It's been going very well. So far, we've made 40 per cent of our crop from our trees here. It's excellent quality. We're just hoping after this cold spell the trees will run again for us," Breedon added.

The Alliston operation is the largest maple syrup producer in Simcoe County, with more than 12,500 trees to tap on about 125 acres.

The weather conditions over the coming weeks will determine whether it will be a bumper crop kind of year.

"Last year was our best year ever. This year, if we get the proper weather, we could surpass," Breedon said.

John Williams' sugar bush in Tay Township also got an early start.

"We took in a gallon and a half in 24 hours, which for this time of year is pretty good," he said.

"We really love those springs where everybody else is complaining, you know, when is this ever going to end? That's perfect for us. Just keep it cool, you know, a little below zero, a little above zero. That's perfect for us," Williams said. Top Stories

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