A man was allegedly abducted by two people in Orillia early this morning, but in a bizarre turn of events, he was the one that was charged by police.

The OPP received a call about a man being forced into a van outside of Metro supermarket, at around 1 a.m. A witness then followed the van from Orillia to Barrie.

“There was an interaction of sorts within that [van], which resulted in three individuals being injured,” says OPP Sgt. Peter Leon.

The van was found a short time later by police on Harrison Crescent. The man, who was allegedly taken against his will, was found injured inside the van. The two other men were gone.

The man was taken to hospital for treatment. It was here that police found his alleged abductors also suffering from injuries.

“Person's two and three were actually arrested at the hospital,” Leon says. “Those individuals have actually been determined to be victims of assault and were also assaulted with a weapon.”

He has since been charged by the OPP.

Police call the incident extremely unusual and are still trying to unravel exactly what happened.

For now, no charges have been laid against the two men who were involved in the alleged abduction.