Cottage season is still several months away, but people looking to buy a place in Muskoka might not want to wait until spring.

Tara Kinden is looking for a place to use as a retreat facility for her business. So far, she’s already seen five properties.

“I don't think there are any bidding wars going on right now, but the properties are moving more quickly than they have. So I think once you've seen the right one, it's time to jump on it.”

The weather has been on the agents' side this year. Realtor Heather Scott says it’s been a record year – January sales are up 12.7 per cent when compared to the same time last year.

“We've had great access, we've had a mild winter, fairly easy road access, not several feet of snow to try and wade through to get to cottages,” she says.

The weak loonie and record low interest rates have attracted American investors

“The American influence has always been on our Muskoka market, and it also shows in the construction industry as well. They are ordering up more renovations and looking at upgrading their properties,” says Scott.

Typically February wouldn't be the ideal month to show a place in Muskoka. However, serious buyers want to get their deals done well ahead of summer.

Realtors say there are not enough properties to go around, so if anyone is thinking of buying this year, the time to act is now.