TINY BEACHES -- With plenty of snow on the ground, many Ontario families have built snowmen, but when father-son duo Josh and Antonia Faria build a snowman, they think big. At 20 feet high, the snowman they built in the Township of Tiny Beaches is taller than some homes.

"I was inspired with the pandemic going on right now," said son Josh, who is also a carpenter. "Just to cheer up the Tiny Beaches' faces and bring joy to the community right now."

As many neighbours attest, the snowman has certainly done that.

"It's been a real highlight!" said neighbour Sheila. "When you go for a walk in this neighbourhood, it's just so fun!"

"It's nice to have something to look at in our winter wonderland," said another neighbour, Betty Currie.

"I feel good," said the father of the pair, Antonia. "Even the neighbours pass by and say thanks for doing something for the community."

The snowman was made entirely by hand, using a ladder, ropes and recycling buckets full of snow. Plywood was used for the buttons, eyes, mouth and hat. The nose is made out of Styrofoam.

The Faria's say it took ten days to build the giant. "It was a good experience to spend time with my dad," said Josh.

The duo plans to try to make an even bigger one next year. "We'll see how much snow we get." Josh chuckled. "Mother nature will decide that."