The drive north for the last long weekend of summer has already started - and for businesses along cottage routes, these are the last few days to make the most of the weekend crowds.

While cottage country traffic enough to make any driver cringe…without it many businesses, like Jacob’s Bait on Highway 11, couldn’t survive.

Shannon James of Jacob’s Bait says “because we’re right on the highway, people can just get off, get their bait and go. Our main clientele would be cottagers travelling from the city our surrounding area.”

With 14 stands throughout cottage country, Hewitt’s Sweet Corn depends not only hungry cottages but on warm weekend like this one.

“Even today is a Thursday but you can see people are sneaking away early. So we pray for good weather all the time but you definitely on the long weekend,” said Trevor Hewitt.  

Many businesses along cottage country highways are seasonal, they have two maybe three months to make their money before things wind down until next year and the Labour Day long weekend is their busiest.

Shanty Bay Go Karts is on the south bound side of highway 11 so Sunday’s and holiday Monday’s are the busiest times for them and the slower the drive, the better.

“Actually when the highway is solid I make more business,” says Nabil Samuel.

While most businesses say the summer has been good, it did get off to a rainy start. And while they all want to see a busy Labour Day long weekend, they are also hoping this weather will stick around well into September to help make up for a slow start to the season.