Chaos erupted on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka as nine powerful blasts shattered three Christian churches and bombs ripped through three luxury hotels in the country’s capital.

Reports are nearly 300 people have been killed, and more than 500 injured.

Here at home, local Sri Lankans can only watch the developments and grieve from 14,000 kilometres away.

“Very concerned to go back there. It’s not safe there now,” Nanthan Paramsothy says as he watches the terror unfold on sacred grounds in his home country.

Paramsothy is doing what he can to keep in touch with his loved ones. “Actually my wife, parents, and brothers live in Sri Lanka, so we called them. They live in Bubula, so they are a bit far away from where this is happening.”

Riyaz Rauf, vice president of the Canada Sri Lanka Association, tries to make sense of the senseless. “This is one time that it’s very difficult to pinpoint what’s the motive. Who is behind it? What’s happening?”

The Barrie Mosque is condemning the attacks saying, “This inhumane and cowardly act against innocent worshippers is a crime against all of humanity, and also against Islamic teachings.”

Global Affairs Canada has posted a travel advisory warning Canadians to exercise extreme caution if travelling to Sri Lanka saying the situation remains volatile.