Some local veterinarians say they’re seeing evidence of more ticks in the region.

Allandale Veterinary Clinic in Barrie is dealing with more tick bitten dogs than everbefore. The increase is concerning and vets hope owners will be a little more cautious this year.

“If a dog has ticks then the owner needs to be cautious as well,” says Dr. Patty Lechten. “We've actually seen a couple of cases of Lyme disease that were not just positive on a blood test. They were actually dogs with symptoms of Lyme disease, so they actually had the disease.”

Ticks can be found on long grasses and shrubs in natural environments. Insect repellant containing DEET is recommended to keep the bug away.

Tick bites can bring on flu-like symptoms and sometimes a rash. Bites can also lead to more serious health complications, including Lyme disease.

Pet owners should keep an eye out for skin irritation, vomiting and muscle weakness in dogs. These are common symptoms of Lyme disease in animals.

Healthcare professionals recommend owners check their pets for ticks on a regular basis.

Anyone who finds a tick on their body or pet should not remove it with their fingers. Instead, professionals recommend using tweezers and to apply some antibiotic ointment on the bite.