It was a record snowfall in The Blue Mountains for this time of year, but the sudden change in seasons is always welcome in ski country.

The lake effect snow was the result of cold arctic air blowing across the open waters of Georgian Bay, where it picked up moisture and delivered downwind.

Average daytime highs at this time of year are usually between six and eight degrees, but temperatures have been below average, sitting around five and ten degrees.

This trend is expected to continue giving ski resorts, including Horseshoe Resort, the opportunity to make snow and open early.

“This may be the only cold we get before Christmas, said Jonathan Reid, vice president of Horseshoe Resort, “so getting the snow on the hill and getting open is really important for us.”

Horseshoe Resort has tested their equipment and plans to open next Friday. Other resorts are expected to announce their plans in the coming week.

Sporting goods shops have already noticed an uptick in business, in anticipation of another ski and snowboard season.

“They started coming in buying snow pants, jackets, helmets face masks, got some boots,” says Aaron Poole with Fathom Boards.

If resorts manage to open by November 15, it will be one of the earliest starts to the season in almost 25 years.