A local farmer is hoping he can get his strawberry crops back on track and ripe for picking in time for the Canada Day weekend.

The delay comes after a colder than usual spring. Despite the recent climb in temperatures, Barrie Hill Farms owner Morris Gervais says it's still not enough.

"Just lack of heat, there's been no warmth," says Morris Gervais, "it's been very, very wet, and just cool, no warmth, no sunny days."

The delay forced the farmer's market to cancel its annual Strawberry Festival, which was scheduled for the weekend of June 22.

Despite the postponement, Morris says there is some good news behind this year's strawberries.

"It's going to be a wonderful, wonderful crop, maybe one of the biggest ever across Ontario," says Morris, "except for the fact it's really, really late."

Gervais added that if the strawberries aren't ripe for picking in time for the Canada Day long weekend, it'll be the first time Barrie Hill Farms has missed the target date in more than 40 years.