When Hollywood called, Heather Chapplain answered.  The local designer has been putting in overtime hours creating clothing that will make its way to the 76th Golden Globes.

It’s an opportunity she could have missed when she thought the emails requesting her designs were merely a joke.

“I had my husband research it, and it was legit,” she laughs.  “I’m pretty excited about it and scared, but really excited.”

Chapplain started designing custom apparel out of her Alton home five years ago, and now her creations will be part of swag bags at an exclusive party where celebrities and high profile magazine editors will become owners of Heather Chapplain Originals.

With just one employee to help her create each hand-crafted piece for the 80 giveaway bags, the two women spent nearly 100 hours in the workshop.

“I’ve had one day off since the middle of July, that’s the truth,” admitted Chapplain.

She hopes the award show will help her business gain exposure.

“God willing we grow, and I get to hire more people.”