A company in Muskoka is proving cannabis isn’t just for humans, pets can benefit as well.

The owners of Pawsitive Releaf Dog Treats say their new hemp-infused creation can help some dogs in many ways.

“It will benefit anxiety, it will help with natural aging for a dog, mobility,” says dog treat inventor Sarah Coombs.

The treats are hand-made in Muskoka using the hemp plant which contains the beneficial cannabidiol oil.

“The oil does not get your dog high because it’s not from the marijuana plant.  It’s as simple as that,” said Coombs.

The primary psychoactive agent in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), hemp only has trace amounts of THC.

Coombs says they take every precaution to ensure safety.

“The oil is tested from a third party lab to make sure it’s 100 percent safe, and make sure it’s less than point-three percent content in it.”

The Pawsitive Releaf website already has close to 50 pre-orders.

Co-owner Karen Broad says many people still have questions, “which is great and we really encourage that because it’s important to be educated.”

Some local stores are already selling the treats, like Muskoka North Good Food Co-Op.

“We strongly believe in all aspects of wellness, and this is one element of it,” says Kelli Ebbs.

Veterinarians are cautiously optimistic and suggest consulting with a specialist if you are considering these products for your pet.

"Consult their veterinarian to discuss safety, possible drug interactions," says Dr. Trish O'Sullivan.

The hemp-infused dog treat will soon grace the shelves of several businesses in the Huntsville area.

And for feline owners, owners Sarah Coombs and Karen Broad say they plan to introduce hemp-infused cat treats before the end of the year.