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Kites and sand castles take over Wasaga Beach through Father's Day weekend


Families taking in the good beach weather in Wasaga Beach this weekend were treated to magic in the sky and on the ground.

The Town held its Kites and Castles event, formerly known as its waterfront festival, through Father's Day weekend.

Kite enthusiasts could fly their kites along the beaches, while master sand castle artists were invited to sculpt their creations in front of beach visitors.

"It starts as a hobby, then it can actually go into a business," said Kerry St. Dennis of the Royal City Fun Fliers Kite Group. "Some of us have show kites where we get to go to travel to different countries, we go to different provinces, wherever the festivals are."

Kite enthusiasts fly their kites at Wasaga Beach on June 16, 2024 (David Sullivan/CTV News).

Sharon Nesbitt has been sculpting sand castles for years and enjoys making the trip to the beach for the festival.

"It's just a hobby that's gone a little bit crazy, a little bit of an obsession," she said. "The best thing is you can make something fairly quickly that looks impressive; it looks like you've done a lot of work, and you don't have to take it home with you; you can just take a picture, you don't have to store it, the medium is free, you're at the beach, you get to talk to lots of people. It's the best hobby you can ever imagine."

The festival runs annually through Father's Day. Top Stories

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