MIDLAND, ONT. -- The end is in sight after more than six months of road construction along King Street in Midland.

Midland's Acting Manager of Engineering, Mitch Sobil, said the work is coming to life now that the section from Bayshore Drive to Hugel Avenue is paved.

"We got the sidewalks done between Elizabeth Avenue and Hugel Street, and that's been a big improvement for pedestrian access," Sobil said.

The area will also have updated traffic lights, expanded public spaces and multi-purpose parking for businesses in the area.

Construction remains heavy from Elizabeth Street to Yonge Street.

"Further south, it gets a little more involved as far as we're still installing the underground pipework in the last block right now," Sobil said.

The city said the project isn't just running on time; it's confident it'll be on budget.

After the fall completion at the end of November, the finishing touches will be done, like the streetscape, benches, bike racks, and planters before the massive project wraps up next spring.