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Junior hockey on display at Cottage Cup in Collingwood

While many are still trying to soak up time on the dock, eight junior hockey teams from Timmins to Buffalo are hitting the ice in Collingwood for the Cottage Cup.

It's a summer showcase that benefits the teams and the local economy.

"It's a beautiful part of Ontario, especially when you get into this month here in August. So you can come catch some games but then hit the golf course or the trails," said Mike Tarantino, Collingwood Blues general manager.

"Resorts and accommodations we've picked out for them, they're going to be eating in our local restaurants, they're going to be enjoying some of our local craft beers being more the parents than the players, but it all leads to a very good experience for people," said Dave Steele, Collingwood Blues owner.

For the players on the ice, this preseason tournament is a great chance to showcase their game for OHL scouts and potential scholarship opportunities.

"Every time they step on the ice is a showcase. In fact, all of these games are available online and with today's technology, any scout can go back and watch any game, any shift," Tarantino said.

The three-day tournament, which hopes to eventually attract the best Junior 'A' teams from across Canada, is attractive because it allows coaches and scouts to see a lot of players in a short amount of time under one roof.

"It's a massive opportunity. We've had great success with some of our own players in Collingwood getting identified in this tournament and offers from this tournament," Steele said.

This year, a junior team from Germany has joined the action, giving them a chance for North American exposure and displaying how the game continues to grow around the world.

"Having opportunities to play international teams like the German team coming in will help these players improve their game. It'll also give the Germans an insight into North American development streams," Steele said.

The German Under-20 team from Mannheim, doing a tour playing different junior teams across Ontario, will play its first game at the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena on Tuesday, with the Cottage Cup wrapping up on Wednesday. Top Stories

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