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Junior girls basketball team in Barrie dominates the court with 15-game winning streak


A relatively small high school in Barrie is making big waves with its Junior Girls' Basketball Team emerging as an unstoppable force.

The team of Grade 9 and 10 students at Nouvelle-Alliance is on a 15-game winning streak.

In his 15 years of coaching basketball, Jerome Garceau praised the team, saying he's never seen anything like it.

"They're just so easy to coach. They take everything. They learn it. They're like little sponges. They just take everything they learn and they apply. They make my job very easy," the coach said.

So far this season, the team has clinched victory in two tournaments, executed nine three-pointers in a single game, and held a rival team scoreless.

"Everyone is really shocked and really happy for us. Sometimes the other parents aren't happy to see us winning by too much, but we try to have good sportsmanship," said Grade 10 student and player Audree Milne.

Acknowledging their rapid progress, Grade 10 player Maeva Ngeng attributed their success to their relentless dedication and collective improvement throughout the season.

"If you watched us throughout the whole journey, you would see that we got better and better and better, so us being as good as we are now isn't really a surprise," she said.

Their coach believes their rare team chemistry is a significant factor in their rise to the top.

"It's a mix of Grade nine and 10s, and they just do everything together. On and off the court," he explained.

Echoing the coach's sentiments, Ngeng said the close bond shared by the team "feels like a family," adding, "I think that shows on the court."

The team has its sights set on the Simcoe County Championships against Elmvale District High School on Thursday, and if victorious, the Nouvelle-Alliance team will qualify for the Georgian Bay Regional Championships.

"Crazy season. Those girls are just amazing," exclaimed Garceau. Top Stories

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