"I'll never see him again, right. It's a hard pill to swallow."

Gabe and Danny Tello say it's difficult to come to terms with the death of their little brother who was killed three years ago.

The two men stood outside the Barrie courthouse on Wednesday after having given their victim impact statements at the sentencing hearing for Dillon Childs.

"This guy, Dillon, took somebody that he had no idea who he was," Gabe says.

This afternoon the judge handed down her ruling. Dillon Childs will spend eight years in prison for stabbing Erick Tello Arias to death in May 2016 in Wasaga Beach.

Danny Tello says that while Childs offered an apology in court today, he isn't ready to accept it. "I 'didn't really feel that passion, that he was sincere, in his apology. I think it was kind of a general apology. It wasn't directed to us, so, you know, I was kind of disappointed."

A 12 member jury convicted Childs of manslaughter in June. He was initially facing a second-degree murder charge.

The Crown asked the judge to sentence him to 10 years in prison and told the court that Tello Arias died because of "bad choices" made by Childs. The court had previously heard that the deadly altercation between the two men happened over some Xanax pills.

The defence wanted five to six years in prison, with credit for time served, having claimed all along that Childs was acting in self-defence that fateful night.

Childs will get credit for the three years he has already spent behind bars since his arrest.

Child's lawyer says they will take the next 30 days to decide if they will appeal the jury's guilty verdict.

Gabe Tello got emotional talking about his younger sibling. "His laugh, his smile, his jokes, sarcasm." He proudly displays the necklace around his neck with his brother's face and name on it. "He was one of the kindest guys you'll ever meet, he was happy and smiling all the time. We miss him very dearly."