To Robin Dashnay, he’s just doing what he loves, his job.  

But the Chris Hadfield Public School principal’s love of his job has translated into national recognition.

“I was quite surprised.  It was a big honour, and I was quite touched that the community, the school community felt I was worthy,” he says.  “It’s a humbling experience.”

Dashnay, who has been with the school for four years, is being recognized as one of Canada’s most outstanding principals.

Students say he’s earned the special attention.

“He talks to everyone, he smiles. He has the attitude that makes him approachable.  His office door is always open,” says one Grade 8 student.

"I would say he's a very nice man, very positive," a Grade 7 student says.

The Bradford principal will spend four days in Toronto where he will receive his award as one of Canada’s Most Outstanding Principals.  He will also get to meet other outstanding educators from across the country.