It seems that there were fewer revelers at this year’s WayHome Music and Arts Festival.

Final numbers are still being counted, but festival organizers estimate 15,000 people were on the grounds every day. They say attendance dipped from last year, but couldn’t say by how much.

“I am a little disappointed in the numbers obviously,” said Daniel Eynon, a food vendor. “It hurt substantially. It really did hurt. Nothing can compare to years in the past.”

Not everyone was upset by the smaller crowds. Concert goer Matt Litwin says it made it easier to venture around Burl’s Creek and take in everything WayHome had to offer.

“You were able to check out the festival grounds, you were able to explore more and have a bit more free space,” says Litwin. “You were able just to walk up and be right in the action so it was really really fun.”

More than 70 acts took the stage over three days, including Frank Ocean and Imagine Dragons.

“You know the people that were here made the crowd feel bigger than it was, so it's all about who shows up at the end of the day, and we made it happen,” says David Duarte.

Organizers are hoping to do a full breakdown in the coming days to figure out how many people attended.

They will then turn their sights on the Boots and Hearts Music Festival which kicks off on Aug. 10.