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Innisfil mayor and business community gather for growth strategies at annual breakfast event

More than 130 business leaders, students, and dignitaries gathered for the annual Innisfil Mayor's Business Breakfast, hosted at Friday Harbour, allowing town officials to discuss strategies for moving forward during challenging times.

Mayor Lynn Dollin emphasized the importance of fostering strong connections with local businesses, expressing a commitment to supporting them in every way possible.

"We need the businesses in Innisfil to know that we've got their back," Mayor Dolan affirmed.

The central theme of this year's event was the creation of new connections and sustainable growth.

The mayor outlined her priorities, highlighting the need to collaborate with the provincial and federal governments to secure infrastructure funding. "We can't do it alone; we need infrastructure dollars in order to get our employment land opened up," she explained.

Additionally, Dollin stressed the importance of working with other levels of government, including the County, to develop housing strategies and meet housing targets set by the province.

With five new members on the town council, Dollin emphasized the need to focus on Innisfil's top priorities.

"We're looking at new techniques in our building and new standards as far as more sustainable development. We're also building, like the Orbit, a much higher density to be able to protect farmland and traditional neighbourhoods and, of course, beautiful Lake Simcoe," the mayor stated.

An artists rendition of future development in Alcona (Courtesy of Town of Innisfil)

Dollin acknowledged Innisfil's allure as an attractive destination for potential businesses. She expressed her hope to build upon this success, saying, "It's aggressive, but it's achievable, and we're willing to work with all of our partners to create the best Innisfil we can."

Dollin concluded by shedding light on the town's future plans. She mentioned the impending completion of Innisfil's economic strategic plan within the next year and assured they remain actively engaged with all the players in the development of the Orbit project, emphasizing the importance of doing it right. Top Stories

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