INNISFIL, ONT. -- The heatwave has many people on the hunt for ways to cool down, including a trip to the beach, but visitors to the town of Innisfil are being met with a chilly welcome.

While beaches across the region remain closed, many folks are choosing to flock to waterfronts everywhere as temperatures soar into the 30s.

Innisfil Beach Park is closed to anyone visiting from out of town, limiting parking at the beach to local residents only.

Innisfil Mayor Lynn Dollin says she has been met with some disgruntled opinions.

"I've got a few... a few choice emails from people in Toronto... said 'don't you come down to our park in Toronto.' But we all saw on the news this last weekend what one of the parks in Toronto looked like, and we do not want that."

Dollin says there is plenty of notification that the town's beach is closed to non-residents.

"We've done all kinds of outreach in the media, in Toronto, and sent out press releases. We're putting signs just as you get off the 400 to advise people that this isn't available to them right now," she adds.

Several vehicles were turned away at the gate on Tuesday, most claiming they didn't realize they wouldn't be welcome.

Those visiting Innisfil can enjoy the park, but the mayor says that with no public parking closeby, it's not an easy spot to reach.

Mayor Dollin says the beach will continue to be closed to visitors until further notice.