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"Incurable pedophile", a recently married Shayne Lund appears before parole board


Convicted pedophile Shayne Lund, now 31, revealed he is recently married and took part in a day and full parole review in a videoconference hearing Thursday from the Ottawa area.

In 2016, Lund pleaded guilty to 35 charges involving 14 victims as young as two years of age, including sexual assault of children, making and distributing child pornography, and acts of bestiality. Lund was handed an indefinite sentence.

Lund, who married in December 2022, wants to legally change his name to reflect his Swedish ancestral name citing his notoriety and the media attention he receives.

He indicated to the parole board that he was not seeking day or full parole immediately but wanted to introduce himself.

The parole board asked Lund several times whether he is attracted to children, and he did not offer a direct response. Lund said he hadn’t entertained those thoughts inside prison, where he is surrounded by men.

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Lund also expressed a desire to take psychology courses to gain insight into his history and how his life spiralled out of control due to an obsession with sexually assaulting children.

Diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder and narcissism, Lund told the board he experienced abuse from a female when he was young but admitted that trauma paled in comparison to the harm and abuse he inflicted upon his victims.

His lawyer Phil Casey told the board Lund has indicated he is no longer attracted to underage girls, saying Lund has "embarked on a healthy and sexually-appropriate relationship."

Lund's wife has three boys 18 and under, the board heard. As part of his sentence, Lund is prohibited from contacting children under the age of 16.

In court proceedings in 2016, it was revealed Lund sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl, took pornographic photos of her and repeatedly encouraged her to perform sexual acts with a horse.

In court, Lund was described as a "Paul Bernardo in the making." During Lund's 2016 dangerous offender hearing, the Crown told the court Lund "is an incurable pedophile."

Lund and his co-accused, former girlfriends Avery Taylor and Kathryn Thompson, were charged in 2013. All three were sentenced to jail time.

Justice Joseph Kenkel concluded Lund posed a moderate to high risk of harming other people. Kenkel said Lund had a significant chance to re-offend, adding potential treatments are limited at best.

"There will never be a time when it will be safe to release Mr. Lund into the community," Kenkel said.

Despite being a dangerous offender, Lund has been eligible for parole since 2020 and day parole since 2019.

Lund's father, Mark, is a now retired OPP officer. A release plan would involve Lund living with his father in London, Ontario.

While it's unclear when Lund will apply for parole, the board told him he would present an undue risk to society at this time. Top Stories


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