An inclusive and accessible dance program called the Dance Ability Movement teaches dancers with special needs more than just how to bust a move.

It was created by sisters Mallory and Jade Ryan, who are dancers themselves and also cccupational therapists.

"Everybody has the ability to dance and to do anything," said Mallory Ryan. ""I grew up as a dancer taking jazz.,ballet, tap and hip hop at a studio and when I was doing my Masters of Occupational Therapy Degree I realized there's a lot of kids out there that aren't able to access typical dance classes in the studio environment."

The movement raises awareness about equal opportunities and that all children and young adults have the ability to dance.

"People have an image of what a dancer might look like and we're really out there trying to change that perception," she said.

The program also has passionate volunteers who buddy up with the dancers and offer mentorship.

"They get to feel comfortable in a new environment because we are with kids of all different ages and really great for them to inter-mingle and get to know one another," said volunteer Ashley Warburton.  

The program is available at six dance studios in Ontario including one in Alliston and Bradford.

For more information about the program visit their website.