Anglers have been waiting all season for a chance to get out on the ice, but varying degrees of thickness has proven difficult in some areas.

On Lake Couchaching on Sunday, fishermen were able to auger holes through 10 inches of ice. It’s perfect conditions for those looking to set up an ice fishing hut and reel in a large haul.

“Lots of portables, lots of permanents coming out this morning off of Cumberland Beach and lots of sleds, four wheelers; guys all over,” says ice fisherman Jonas Usackas.

While confidence in the ice is growing on Lake Couchaching, police and fire crews are still warning people stay off of Lake Simcoe’s Kempenfelt Bay.

An auger through the ice there showed the thickness to be less than four inches at the marina in Barrie. Officials say that’s not enough to safely hold the weight of a person.

“Kempenfelt Bay, being a deeper bay, takes a lot longer to freeze up and that's why you don't see great ice conditions right now and again we don't recommend going out on the ice,” says Neil Sheppard of Barrie Fire and Emergency Service.

Fishermen have been on the ice in Collingwood harbour, but just meters away there is still open water. Farther north in the Township of Perry firefighters had to rescue a dog that fell through the ice.

The rescue was captured on a GoPro camera, which shows that the ice is still not safe there.

Ice conditions are not expected to get any better over the next couple of days, as the temperature rise above the freezing mark.