"So I stabbed him and stabbed him and he dropped."

Nearing tears while on the stand Thursday in a Barrie courtroom, Terrence Barrett recounted what happened the night Mike Segota was stabbed 22 times and killed.

“He [Segota] yelled ‘I'm going to f***ing kill you,’" Barrett testified.

While on the stand, his defence lawyer asked him if he’s a violent person and if he had ever hit his former girlfriend and key witness, Amy Novak.

“I don’t hit women. I don’t like confrontations with people,” Barrett said. “Until Segota?” the defence asked. “I was defending myself,” Barrett said. “I was defending Amy.”

The trio were in a rooming house on Ross Street in 2015 when the altercation happened. He claimed Novak and Segota were fighting, and that Segota had a knife. He testified that he grabbed the knife to break up the fight.

His testimony contradicted Novak’s from earlier in the day.

Novak said she was the one who tried to break up a fight between the two men before Barrett stabbed Segota to death in front of her.

But the defence tried to poke holes in her statement.

"Why don't you admit to this jury that Terry intervened, while you fought with Segota?" asked the defence. “No,” she replied.

The defence claims Novak has a history of violence and listed off her criminal record, including several arrests. But she claimed not to remember it.

"You don't remember being arrested?" questioned the defence. “No" she replied. The defence suggested that Novak was “purposefully blocking things out.” Again, Novak said, "No. I don't remember."

The Crown will have a chance to cross-examine Barrett on Friday.