BARRIE, ONT. -- A wild turkey that won people's affection in Alliston and became an online sensation has died.

The crestfallen president of the Alliston and District Humane Society confirmed Sunday that the bird had been hit and killed by a vehicle.

People have been chronicling the adventures of the turkey near Young Street and Industrial Parkway for months. There it was perched on top of a traffic light, poking around in the Canadian Tire parking lot, hanging out in the McDonald's drive-thru.

Some of the bird's devotees christened it Cynthia. Others insist it looks more like a Timothy or Terrence. Whatever its name, the turkey's online following seemed to grow this fall.

"We're from Tottenham; it reached all the way to Tottenham too," one mother said Sunday. "It brought a sense of joy."


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Bonnie Potts says keeping tabs on "Cynthia's" exploits brought her joy too.

"I got to see her at least three or five occasions. My kids work in town and they report back at home at dinner time saying they had seen her too."

"I'll miss her," Potts adds.

By late Sunday afternoon, someone had set out a candle and flowers at the intersection where the turkey was hit.