BARRIE -- With just days until the Easter Bunny arrives to hide eggs for children to find, Genesis Gymnastics in Bradford hosted its own egg hunt on Friday for what Donna Katz says gives the kids a sense of normalcy during a difficult time.

"It's been such a challenge the last little while, and parents are just so grateful to be able to just get them out of the house and do something fun and active," says Katz, the owner of Genesis Gymnastics.

"Community is something we're missing. Just interaction with kids with other kids, parents with other parents, it's been a time where we've had to make sure everybody's following the rules and having fun, and we're still doing that here."

Katz originally planned the event for the Friday holiday, not thinking it would garner a lot of interest, but because of the large facility, nearly 120 kids were able to sign up for one of the days' nine sessions.

"We were booked from ten in the morning until six at night; it was amazing," she said.

For mother Sarah Mannone, she was just happy to see that her son was able to get some exercise while interacting with other kids his age in a "safe and secure environment."

"We all need it for our mental health," says Mannone.

"The holidays in the last year have been very difficult, so it gives us an opportunity something that looks a little bit more like a normal Easter again."