There's a billboard on Mulock Drive in Newmarket that reads "I accidentally sharted in Cancun."

It’s weird, confusing, but carries an important message: getting men talking about testicular health. The ad campaign is called ""

“There's things that are way more embarrassing than talking to your doctor about your testicles,” says Jason Dominique, managing director. “Our strategy is to out embarrass the embarrassment related to that.”

Everyone has a more embarrassing story right?

“Why yes, I do in fact. I have a few of them, but we'll leave it at that,” says Hans Smit.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 15 to 29. Dominique says if detected early enough, the survival rate is 97 per cent.

“It makes me second guess that maybe i need to go and checked out by the doctor,” says Jordan Morrison.

The campaign relies on volunteers to host "Gala Balls" to help raise money for testicular cancer research.