It was all hands on deck on Saturday in Angus as hundreds of volunteers came out to help clean up the mess left behind by Tuesday’s devastating tornado.

“The first I saw it, it was a big shock. I didn’t believe how bit actually was but to have so many fire departments it’s just great to see everybody coming together to help everyone and get everyone back to their house,” says Emily Sutherland from the Clearview Fire Department.

Gord Falk came here with the Mennonite Disaster Service, a group that helps people who’ve been affected by disasters in Canada and the United States. His team helped pile the debris for crews to haul away.

“We got to help each other out if something happens to me and somebody’s available to help I hope they would do that too…it’s just a good thing to do to help everyone out.”

More than a hundred firefighters from nine different detachments and members from Base Borden were on hand too. They spent most of their time cleaning up the backyards along the path of the tornado.

“Surprised at how random it is, one spot could be standing and another spot torn down and they are right beside each other,” say Jason Savel with Oro-Medonte Fire.

“Any debris we’re taking away now is building debris and it’s being shipped away to landfill and personal items we are stacking on the deck and on people’s homes,” says Wasaga Beach Fire Chief Michael McWilliam.

Insurance adjusters were also on hand. So far it’s estimated the damage is about $25 million.

“Right now it’s only an estimate it’s going to take some time for the numbers to firm up but I anticipate based on what we’ve seen in other communities, Goderich, Lemington, it’s probably going to be in the mid-range,” says Pete Karageorgos with Insurance Bureau Canada.

But right now the goal is to get the clean up done. Crews want to get people back into their homes as soon as possible to protect what’s been left behind.

“Houses that don’t have a roof we are going to have construction companies build a peak to put a tarp over so we’re hoping today, tomorrow we’re going to be done, we’re going to be out of here,” says Collingwood Fire Chief Trent Elyea.

“How do you walk into something like this and make it happen overnight, it’s impossible so the response has been tremendous,” says Angus resident Duane Farrell.

A community barbecue will be held on Sunday at the No Frills in Angus from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. All the money will go the Essa Township Tornado Relief Fund.