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Hundreds of Palestine supporters take to Barrie to call for an end to violence in Israeli-Gaza conflict


As an Israel ground offensive on Gaza appears imminent on day 9 of the ongoing conflict, hundreds of Palestinian supporters in Barrie called for an end to the violence.

Hundreds of people marched through the city's downtown streets on Sunday carrying flags and signs in a show of solidarity with civilians suffering on both sides of the war.

"We stand united together with either side of the border and condemn these attacks on any civilians," said Mouhammad Matteen Butt, Imam at the Barrie Mosque. "Especially the undermined Palestinians who are being killed and bombed for absolutely no reason."

Demonstrators told CTV News they were calling for justice and are disturbed that people are being killed.

"We are just here trying to raise our voice that Palestinians have a right to live free," said Ali Ahmed, who attended Sunday's rally. "To get the basic necessities of life, that's what I am supporting for the Palestinians."

As was the case with the AM Shalom Synagogue service on Saturday, Barrie Police were on stand-by to make sure the peaceful rally stayed that way.

Organizers said they hope to have made their voices loud and clear and will pray for a peaceful resolution over the coming days and weeks. Top Stories

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