Several residents in Barrie noticed a heavy police presence at a home on Dunlop Street early on Tuesday morning.  

Those that live in the area say they aren’t surprised that the Barrie police, OPP, and Canada Border Services executed a raid at the location where several people were seen coming and going.

“They lined up to get on a school bus every morning all last summer,” says one neighbour.  “We counted at least 32.  They’re obviously working in some sort of service industry.  They’re all dressed in black, the same.”

Neighbours say the people living in the house had been there for months.

“They’re speaking Spanish.  They’ve never been a real problem, just not something you’d expect to see.”

The home is one of multiple locations targeted by police across Barrie and Wasaga Beach, including at the Sands Waterfront Cottages.

Police say the investigation has been underway for months, but are not saying how many victims are involved.

“Multiple persons who were subjected to labour related human trafficking were safely relocated,” says Barrie Police spokesperson, Peter Leon.

The investigation is still active, and at this point, police aren’t providing much information.

“Human trafficking has an element of control of an individual, and that is what we’re looking at right now,” says Leon.

Investigators say they do know who is behind the operation but aren’t providing any details on suspects.