Honda of Canada Manufacturing will produce the next generation CR-V model for the European market in Alliston.

The automaker announced the expansion on Monday, during a visit to the Honda plant by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. This will be the first time vehicles in Alliston will be shipped overseas.

“Honda is thrilled to once again have good news for automotive manufacturing in Canada by broadening our production portfolio to include exports to the European market,” said Jerry Chenkin, president and CEO of Honda Canada in a statement.

Honda says about 100 jobs will be created as part of the $857 million expansion.

“This expansion decision was made possible due to our deep, mature, and rich talent pool with nearly 30 years of automotive manufacturing experience,” stated Chenkin.

Chenkin also said that negotiations of a free trade agreement between Canada and Europe spurred the decision to export vehicles from Alliston.

“These opportunities will open new markets for our high quality vehicles from Canada and help keep us competitive in the global environment.”

Alliston’s Honda plant produces 390,000 Civic and CR-V models annually, as well as 260,000 four-cylinder engines.

Rob Cooper is at today’s announcement in Alliston and will have the latest tonight at six.